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Landmarks Focus: Fremont Canyon

​OC Parks’ Fremont Canyon is located just on the outskirts of Irvine Regional Park in Orange and is rich in biological diversity and history. Due to its striking beauty and large granite formations, Fremont Canyon is often referred to as “the Yosemite of Orange County.”
Fremont Canyon is one of the best places in Orange County to experience a chaparral ecosystem and is home to many rare plants and animals. Visitors to the area can experience popular destinations throughout the canyon including the old coal mine which operated in the late 1800s, a large exposed sandstone formation known locally as “Mini-Moab,” and Lizard Rock, which was named for the granite spiny lizards who can often be found sunbathing there.
​The area is also known to be a very active wildlife corridor that provides a connection for wildlife between the Santa Ana Mountains and Irvine Lake. The rugged and exposed trails that wind through Fremont Canyon are suggested for more experienced hikers. Due to the area’s sensitive habitats, Fremont is typically only accessible on guided activities.
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