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Landmarks Focus: Agua Chinon Canyon

​Agua Chinon Canyon, located in OC Parks’ Limestone Canyon Nature Preserve, is a 1,200-acre canyon in the San Diego Creek Watershed. It is the popular starting point for a beautiful hike to The Sinks. This unique area provides a diverse experience as hikers start in an oak riparian habitat and travel up through coastal sage scrub.
In 2013, Irvine Ranch Conservancy, in partnership with OC Waste & Recycling and OC Transportation Authority, launched a restoration project in Agua Chinon. The restoration project was created in response to the excessive amount of invasive plant species, which invaded the area after numerous fires and years of cattle grazing. 
​The Agua Chinon restoration project is focused on restoring 30 acres of native habitat including oak and willow trees, elderberry and other native riparian plant species. Local wildlife who depend on these native habitats have also returned to the area, including the charming California gnatcatcher.
Experience the beauty of Agua Chinon Canyon virtually with IRC’s Interpretive & Training Manager Brian Hughes, as he hikes along the Agua Chinon trail to The Sinks. Hike From Home with Brian through Irvine Ranch Conservancy’s YouTube Channel.
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