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Planning and Infrastructure

Irvine Ranch wildlands are vast and dense. Without a thoughtfully planned and maintained system of roads, trails, signage, and facilities, people would not be able to safely access many of the more remote areas.

The infrastructure we create enables us to quickly and efficiently reach areas of our native lands that need our attention. Our expert team is thereby able to manage the land to ensure its health and resiliency. And the features we build within these wildlands make it possible for the public to safely enjoy experiences in their local wilderness with the least amount of impact to the environment.

IRC plans and develops infrastructure on the wildlands with both humans and wildlife in mind. By combining our deep knowledge of this environment and what it needs to sustain itself with our passion for sharing the unique experiences these lands have to offer, we create touchpoints with the landscape that promote safe and enjoyable interactions for all.

See Our Work In Action

Case Studies

A view of Newport Beach’s Buck Gully Reserve.
Planning and Infrastructure
IRC 2023 Annual Report: Planning and Infrastructure
IRC completed a trail-hardening project in Newport Beach’s Buck Gully Reserve.
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IRC Updates

Trail Signage In OC Parks' Limestone Canyon.
Planning and Infrastructure

The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks are full of important habitats and native wildlife and it's our job to protect these…

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Fox Run Trail In The City Of Irvine

After a seven-month closure, Fox Run Trail in Shady Canyon is ready to welcome back hikers and bikers to experience…

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Planning and Infrastructure

Unveiling of the new monument in Big Canyon Nature Park On July 13, Irvine Ranch Conservancy joined the City of…

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