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Invasive Species Control

Invasive plants, animals, and insects are among the most critical threats to the habitats we care for.

They can have major impacts on the ecosystems they invade, competing with native plants and wildlife for vital nutrients, space, and light, and threatening the natural diversity of the landscape. It’s imperative that invasive species be monitored and controlled to prevent them from taking over Irvine Ranch wildlands and degrading the natural habitat.

Our team works collaboratively with volunteers and regional partners to remove harmful plants, wildlife, and other organisms through a variety of methods, depending on the specific threat. We use all the tools available to do this work, adapting the methods to fit the situation on the ground.

The unique biodiversity of our urban wildlands depends upon our efforts to control the spread of invasive, non-native organisms and prevent them from becoming harmful predators, competitors, and parasites of native plants and wildlife. By engaging volunteers and the public in these efforts, IRC is better able to protect and enhance the health of these native habitats for years to come.

See Our Work In Action

Case Studies

IRC volunteers help maintain the nature garden in the City of Irvine's Bommer Canyon Preserve.
Invasive Species Control
IRC 2023 Annual Report: Invasive Species Control
Controlling non-native and invasive plants and animals is essential to the success of many of IRC’s other programs.
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IRC Updates

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Invasive Species Control

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Invasive Species Control

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