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About Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Irvine Ranch Conservancy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to the highest possible standards of long-term land stewardship.

Based in Orange County, California, our mission is to restore, protect, and enhance the ecological health of urban wildlands in a way that fosters compatible human behaviors and inspires connections and partnerships.

What We Do

Since 2005, Irvine Ranch Conservancy has ensured the protection, restoration, and enhancement of urban wildlands in Southern California, including the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks — over 40,000 acres of precious open space in Orange County that have been recognized for their biological and geological significance.  We actively manage these critically important areas in partnership with the City of Irvine, City of Newport Beach, OC Parks, and numerous other community partners.

Our Vision

Ensure the long-term ecological health of native wildlands in Southern California.

At Irvine Ranch Conservancy, we envision a resilient native landscape coexisting with the dense urban population of Southern California in perpetuity.  Wildlands that have been degraded due to their historic land use should be restored, and intact habitat should be protected and enhanced to ensure the long-term ecological health of these unique and special places.  Local communities should be engaged in this work, and educated on the biological and geological significance of their native landscape.  With a shared understanding for the importance of responsible recreation and access, we believe landowners and the community can work together to ensure the long-term sustainability of local natural resources.

Our Core Principles

Irvine Ranch Conservancy is continuously guided by three core principles that define our approach to our work:



The long-term health of the Landmarks depends on the collaboration of a wide variety of people, communities, and interests. We work closely with more than three dozen public and private partners to provide resource and land management, community engagement, and visitor facilities.



Irvine Ranch Conservancy is an urban wildlands expert with a mission to do right by the land while also helping our partners and collaborators shine. We deliver integrated, holistic land management in a complex landscape by skillfully balancing the needs of the land with the interests of landowners and the public.



Our work is grounded in science yet consistently embraces innovative ways to achieve the long-term protection and restoration of natural resources and ecological functioning. We don’t get stuck in the status quo; there is always a fresh approach we can explore.

Who We Are

Irvine Ranch Conservancy brings together comprehensive ecological knowledge, educational expertise, and land management experience necessary to help Southern California’s urban wildlands thrive. We are wholly dedicated to ensuring that lands and waters under our care — and the species and habitats they contain — remain healthy and resilient.​

Since our founding, we have restored over 2,000 acres of native habitat, built and maintained 160 miles of trails, and trained thousands of volunteers to become experts, leaders, and advocates for the health of local wildlands. Our organization has grown from just a few employees in the early years to a team of nearly 50 staff charged with managing and protecting these local treasures while enabling people to enjoy and connect with the land in environmentally responsible ways.

Irvine Ranch Conservancy, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was founded with the support of an initial major donation from Irvine Company and its Chairman Donald Bren, part of $50 million the Company has contributed more broadly for conservation and public enjoyment of the land. This investment helps guarantee that the precious natural resources found here remain cared for and enjoyed to the highest standards.

IRC Blog

Mina Keyomarsi, IRC’s Accounting Coordinator, Meticulous Attention To Detail And Organizational Skills Play A Crucial Role In Ensuring Seamless Operations. We Truly Appreciate The Invaluable Team Members Like Mina Who Contribute To IRC’s Success! 🔢📚#staffspotlight #accounting #IRC
Staff Spotlights

Mina Keyomarsi, IRC’s Accounting Coordinator, meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills play a crucial role in ensuring seamless operations. We truly appreciate the invaluable team members like Mina who contribute to IRC’s success! 🔢📚 #staffspotlight #accounting #IRC

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Irvine Ranch Conservancy hosted its annual Volunteer and Partner Celebration to honor partner collaborations and recognize outstanding volunteers who all made remarkable contributions towards the protection, restoration and enhancement of Southern California's urban wildlands. #volunteerism #volunteerappreciation 🎉🙌

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Learn About "Early Detection, Rapid Response" (EDRR) Surveys With Irvine Ranch Conservancy, As They Work To Prioritize And Remove Invasive Plants, Protecting And Restoring California's Wildlands. 🚫⛏️ #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #EnvironmentalConservation
Invasive Species Control

Learn about "Early Detection, Rapid Response" (EDRR) surveys with Irvine Ranch Conservancy, as they work to prioritize and remove invasive plants, protecting and restoring California's wildlands. 🚫⛏️ #InvasiveSpeciesManagement #EnvironmentalConservation

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