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Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

Southern California’s urban wildlands are home to thousands of acres of rare and diverse plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.

These wildlands make up an intricate network of habitats whose health is threatened by human activities and adverse conditions. When a habitat becomes degraded, it can affect the health of an entire landscape. IRC’s expertise is critical to restoring resiliency to degraded landscapes. We lead long-term, comprehensive ecological restoration efforts that employ a variety of methods adapted to local conditions and backed by the most current science. These methods work collectively to regenerate the land, enabling once-threatened species of plants and animals to thrive again. In concert with our volunteers and regional partners, we work to restore the vitality of the land, promoting the resilience and connectivity of habitats so that they can support our native plants and wildlife and continue to provide the benefits and enjoyment that only these wild, open spaces can.

See Our Work In Action

Case Studies

IRC volunteers help maintain a butterfly habitat enhancement project in OC Parks' Limestone Canyon.
Habitat Restoration and Enhancement
IRC 2023 Annual Report: Habitat Restoration and Enhancement
2023 was a major milestone as two major restoration projects funded by OCTA received completion approval.
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IRC Updates

California Has Officially Ended Its Historic Drought With Back-to-back Years Of Heavy Rainfall, Positively Impacting The Landscape Of The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks But Posing Challenges For Invasive Species Control. 🌧️ #InvasiveSpecies #UncommonWeather
Invasive Species Control

California has officially ended its historic drought with back-to-back years of heavy rainfall, positively impacting the landscape of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks but posing challenges for invasive species control. 🌧️ #InvasiveSpecies #UncommonWeather

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Prickly Pear Cactus Commonly Found Within The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks.
Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

Discover the exciting success of Irvine Ranch Conservancy's cactus nursery, boosting cactus growth for habitat restoration and supporting the coastal cactus wren population. 🌵 #HabitatRestoration

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IRC Staff And Volunteers Hosting An Interpretive Hike.
Community Engagement and Education

Join Irvine Ranch Conservancy on an upcoming "Seasonal Science" interpretive hike to explore conservation projects and restoration sites otherwise inaccessible to the public! 🌿🦋 #NatureConservation #SeasonalScienceSeries

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