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Monitoring and Research

The interplay between humans and nature within urban wildland settings is complex and ever-changing.

While these settings offer us the ability to experience the richness of nature up close, their proximity to dense urban communities makes them vulnerable to the impacts of modern human life. For IRC to provide proper stewardship of these lands, we must maintain a rigorous process of assessing the current state of these ecosystems, establishing goals for their continued health, and tracking our progress.

We do this by engaging dedicated researchers, partner organizations, staff, and volunteers to monitor how Irvine Ranch wildlands are changing over time. Their observations provide the essential data that allows us to be adaptive in our approach to land management, pushing forward the most effective programs and strategies that enable these environments to thrive.

By continuously gathering knowledge and collecting data about the lands under our care and how they are being shaped and re-shaped by forces around them, we are better able to focus our work most effectively to support the long-term health of these important habitats.

See Our Work In Action

Case Studies

Western spadefoot toad during metamorphosis.
Monitoring and Research
IRC 2023 Annual Report: Monitoring and Research
IRC partners with a variety of research institutions and organizations to study the landscape and understand the factors driving changes –both desirable and undesirable.
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IRC Updates

Prickly Pear Cactus Commonly Found Within The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks.
Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

Discover the exciting success of Irvine Ranch Conservancy's cactus nursery, boosting cactus growth for habitat restoration and supporting the coastal cactus wren population. 🌵 #HabitatRestoration

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Monitoring and Research

Hidden camera image of a mountain lion ​While the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks are known for beautiful outdoor settings and…

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Monitoring and Research

Red-tailed Hawk chick in the nest Many of the raptors seen throughout the developed parts of Orange County were likely…

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