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Wildlife Spotlight: Barn Owls

PictureBarn Owl

​A mysterious resident of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, Barn Owls, can live in a variety of different habitats and are often found nesting in hollow trees, caves, abandoned buildings, nest boxes and other quiet cavities.
With their ghost-white faces and piercing dark eyes, they might seem a bit spooky, but these creatures are an important asset to the Landmarks, as they help maintain a balance in local habitats by controlling rodent and insect populations. Barn Owls are excellent hunters with their ability to silently fly low to the ground, paired with precise hearing and vision in low light levels, this species can strike prey in total darkness.

​The medium-sized owl doesn’t hoot like other owl species, but instead can be heard making rasping shrieks. Barn Owls can be identified by their round heads, with a mix of gray and brown on their head, back and upper wings.
Although these birds are mostly nocturnal, it’s not uncommon for them to be seen during the day. Keep a lookout and try to spot one on your next adventure on the Landmarks!
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