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Volunteers Needed: Leads for Mountain Bike and Equestrian Rides

Join Irvine Ranch Conservancy as a volunteer and experience the beauty of the Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmarks while making a difference in your community! ✨🌱 #VolunteerOpportunities #NatureConservation

Looking to get more involved in your community while getting outside? Become a volunteer to experience the beauty of the Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmarks! Volunteering is not only rewarding but volunteers play a crucial role in caring for the land and connecting people to it. There are numerous ways to get involved with Irvine Ranch Conservancy (IRC), from single-day volunteer activities to training as a regular volunteer leader. 

Right now, IRC is looking for volunteers to lead group mountain bike and equestrian rides. Lead Volunteers are highly trained to facilitate nature tours (hikes, mountain bike rides, equestrian rides) for the community throughout the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks. These group activities are varied and range from leisurely morning horseback rides to strenuous bike rides up and down mountain peaks. If you are interested in becoming a Lead Volunteer please fill out a Volunteer Interest Form so you can be invited to the next volunteer orientation in May. IRC will provide the specialized training needed to be a Lead Volunteer for these activities. 

New volunteers are always welcome and can get involved in a wide variety of ways, whether it is teaching middle school students about ecosystems in Limestone Canyon, helping to maintain a trail near Bommer Canyon or planting oak seedlings near Weir Canyon. IRC and its volunteers also serve as Fire Watch lookouts to protect both the land and adjacent neighborhoods from wildfires. Additionally, volunteers are always needed at IRC’s Native Seed Farm, which helps with various restoration projects throughout the Landmarks. Becoming a volunteer is one of the best ways to explore the land and join in preserving it forever.