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The Importance of Staying on Trail Throughout the Landmarks

PictureHikers on trail

​From open space to regional parks, the extensive trail network across the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks allows the public to get out and experience the beauty of nature. Irvine Ranch Conservancy, on behalf of OC Parks, City of Irvine, and the City of Newport Beach, work diligently to maintain the Landmarks through restoration projects, wildlife monitoring, trail maintenance and much more. 
In order to properly maintain restoration projects and protect habitat on the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, visitors should always remain on designated trails when hiking, biking or riding through the Landmarks. For nature enthusiasts, creating their own trail might seem like an adventure, but this can be harmful to the environment. Creating your own path or “shortcut,” using unmarked trails or creating switchbacks can cause erosion, damage wildlife habitat and enable illegal trespassing. It is better for our local environment, and more enjoyable, to take your time and stay on the trail.  

Each trail on the Landmarks has been carefully designed to provide visitors with a full experience of Orange County’s natural habitat through safe and easily identifiable routes.
Irvine Ranch Conservancy staff and partners help to protect and maintain local hiking and walking paths for all to enjoy, but areas off-trail may not receive the same attention. Areas located off designated trails can be slippery, uneven or covered in plants and rocks that pose a danger to humans. Veering off trail can also increase the risk of getting lost or injured in areas that aren’t easily accessible.
To help preserve the beauty and health of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, be sure to always stay on designated trails. Take a self-guided hike on a vibrant trail through one of the many Landmark destinations today! Whether you choose to enjoy the sunny hills of Bommer Canyon or the rejuvenating trails of Santiago Hills, the options are endless.
Irvine Ranch Conservancy and its partners provide a variety of activities, including different hikes and other fitness activities. For a full list of activities and to learn more about trails through the Landmarks, visit Most activities are free and open to the public with required pre-registration, which closes at 4 p.m. the day prior to each event.