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Irvine Ranch Conservancy Staff Spotlight: Caytlin LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator

PictureCaytlin LeBlanc, Volunteer Coordinator

​The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks are an important part of the natural wildlands in Orange County and here at Irvine Ranch Conservancy, it’s our mission to protect, restore and preserve these native lands. In order to continue our mission, we rely on the help of our strong network of IRC volunteers, who contribute tens of thousands of hours annually to protecting the Landmarks and engaging the community to ensure these beautiful wildlands remain healthy and can be enjoyed by future generations.
IRC volunteers are essential to the work being done on the Landmarks and are seen as an extension of IRC staff. One of the Conservancy staff members behind the team of IRC volunteers is Volunteer Coordinator Caytlin LeBlanc. An integral part of the IRC Volunteer Management team, Caytlin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, specializing in Wildlife and Natural Resource Management from Abilene Christian University in Texas. Joining the Conservancy team three years ago, Caytlin’s job duties revolve around coordinating trail patrols, stewardship patrols and public activities on the Landmarks, preparing volunteer training programs, and maintaining the website, so nature lovers can easily access the land.

​“The thing that drew me to working with IRC at first was that I would get to put my college degree to good use,” said Caytlin. “Over the past three years I have become very fond of our wonderful volunteers and getting to work with them in a beautiful environment here in Orange County.”
Managing over 400 volunteers, Caytlin and the IRC Volunteer Management team provide support to IRC volunteers from the beginning steps of orientation to becoming a fully certified volunteer able to lead activities on the land. Volunteer management efforts are focused on recruiting, training and maintaining a group of local community members who are interested in becoming more involved with the work on the Landmarks. The IRC Volunteer Management team provides exceptional training and opportunities for the volunteers to expand their knowledge and skill in a variety of volunteer positions.
“My favorite part about my job is getting to explore new places during field trips with volunteers. We have explored places like Starr Ranch, the Modjeska House and the Landfill right next to the IRC office,” said Caytlin. “Something I always look forward to is the volunteer celebration we have each year. It’s a time where I can see everyone together and enjoy good food and good company!”
When she has the opportunity, Caytlin loves visiting the Red Rocks and hiking along the Silmod Trail in Baker Canyon. Outside of her duties at IRC, Caytlin enjoys working on home improvement projects and spending time with her nephew.
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