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Landmarks Focus: Weir Canyon Nature Preserve

OC Parks’ Weir Canyon Nature Preserve, located in North Orange County, contains one of the largest and healthiest oak woodlands in Orange County, along with an abundance of rare habitats and wildlife. These beautiful oak woodlands can be experienced on a variety of shaded trails that lead through the canyon.
Weir Canyon is the perfect place for beginning to advanced hikers, as the area offers a variety of flat trails and steeper, more remote trails. Due to the area’s sensitive habitat, Weir Canyon is typically only accessible through guided activities.
Recent threats including the 2017 Canyon 2 Fire and the invasive goldspotted oak borer beetle have damaged the natural habitats of Weir Canyon. Irvine Ranch Conservancy, in partnership with OC Parks and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, continue to work to improve the health of the Canyon and restore the landscape. IRC staff and volunteers worked together on a recent oak restoration project to replace trees that had been removed due to the goldspotted oak borer infestation and damaged by the Canyon 2 Fire. During the restoration project, nearly 1,200 sets of acorns were planted in the canyon and will one day grow into new shady oaks.
Experience the beauty of Weir Canyon virtually with IRC’s Interpretive & Training Manager Brian Hughes as he hikes through the nature preserve. “Hike From Home” with Brian through Irvine Ranch Conservancy’s YouTube Channel.
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