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Irvine Ranch Conservancy Planning & Infrastructure Crew Installs Monument at Big Canyon Nature Park

PictureUnveiling of the new monument in Big Canyon Nature Park

On July 13, Irvine Ranch Conservancy joined the City of Newport Beach, Newport Bay Conservancy and Defend the Bay at an unveiling ceremony in honor of the Big Canyon Restoration Project at Big Canyon Nature Park located in Upper Newport Bay.
The ceremony was dedicated to the 17-acre restoration project that removed a large infestation of the invasive Brazilian Pepper Trees within Big Canyon Nature Park. During the ceremony, a boulder monument was unveiled with a plaque commemorating the success of the restoration project.

Ahead of the ceremony, Irvine Ranch Conservancy’s Planning & Infrastructure crew was responsible for installing the large monument. The 5.5-ton boulder monument was installed on a 120 square foot area that was prepared and placed by the IRC Planning & Infrastructure crew. Irvine Ranch Conservancy also helped conceptualize and assisted with early funding for the restoration project with former Councilmember
​Leslie Daigle.

PictureMonument and recently restored lands

​Big Canyon is the largest remaining natural canyon on the east side of Newport Bay consisting of riparian and coastal sage scrub plant communities. Over the years, these plant communities have been overwhelmed by invasive species. The land partners and organizations plan to continue their work in Big Canyon Nature Park through the removal of invasive species in adjacent areas of land, as well as pond, creek and riparian habitat restoration efforts.
Next time you visit Big Canyon Nature Park, be sure to admire the monument and the newly restored habitats in the area. To learn more about Irvine Ranch Conservancy and the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, visit