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Irvine Ranch Conservancy Celebrates Its Volunteers and Partners

PictureIRC’s 12th Annual Volunteer & Partner Celebration

​On Friday, May 17, Irvine Ranch Conservancy honored its volunteers and community partners at the 12th Annual Volunteer and Partner Celebration in beautiful Limestone Canyon. The celebration is an opportunity for Conservancy volunteers and partners to come together to celebrate the land and their shared goal of stewardship on the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks.
Thanks to the stewardship efforts of Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers, nature lovers of all ages are able to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of the Landmarks. IRC volunteers made a significant impact by donating 41,500 hours of service in 2018. These hours come from a wide range of restoration projects, interpretive programs and volunteer-led activities. 

​Dedicated volunteers have allowed the Conservancy to expand on the amount of activities offered on the Landmarks. This past year, over 2,900 volunteer-led activities were offered, which is a 15% increase from the previous year. Since 2013, 18,000 visitors have participated in guided activities, such as hiking, biking, birdwatching, stewardship and so much more! Volunteers are the reason Irvine Ranch Conservancy can continue to expand its programming and provide unique opportunities to explore these natural Landmarks.
“We all know that taking care of these lands and building a community of support is far too big a job for any single organization or agency,” said Michael O’Connell, Executive Director of Irvine Ranch Conservancy. “Without an extraordinary community of partners and volunteers, this entire enterprise wouldn’t be possible.”
​In addition to celebrating the many generous volunteers, the evening also acknowledged Irvine Ranch Conservancy’s partners and their dedication to the Landmarks. Representatives from OC Parks, OCFA, Fire Watch, OCTA, City of Irvine and City of Newport Beach were in attendance.
“We continue to accomplish so much year over year,” said O’Connell. “Irvine Ranch Conservancy doesn’t exist without you, and I want all of you to know that everything we’ve accomplished this past year, we did it together!”

The evening concluded with the presentation of awards to Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers. Awards were given out to volunteers who have dedicated anywhere from 100 hours to 6,500 hours of their time to the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks.
Irvine Ranch Conservancy is continuously thankful for their dedicated volunteers and partners who share a love for the Landmarks and connecting the local community to these natural resources found in their own backyard.
To learn more about becoming a volunteer with Irvine Ranch Conservancy, visit