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Irvine Ranch Conservancy and Partners Remain Vigilant this Wildfire Season

PictureFire Watch volunteers monitor conditions and look for wildfires.

In 2020, Orange County communities experienced three major wildfires that burned over 30,000 acres and forced more than 90,000 people to evacuate from their homes. Irvine Ranch Conservancy, along with its partners OC Parks, City of Irvine, City of Newport Beach and Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA), are helping to reduce the number of catastrophic wildfires in local communities with the Orange County Fire Watch program.
Orange County Fire Watch has more than 300 volunteers who donate their time to reducing catastrophic wildfires through education, early reporting and deterrence. The main element of the program is to establish highly-trained volunteers, who are trained to look for signs of human-caused wildfires and interfere with ignition sources, especially during Red Flag Warnings. Volunteers are deployed to 36 locations across Orange County that are determined high-risk areas for wildfire events, acting as visual deterrents, who report suspicious or dangerous behaviors or activities, and assist with early detection and reporting of ignitions.​

In preparation for fire season, Irvine Ranch Conservancy and OCFA have been training Fire Watch volunteers virtually and in-person on the upcoming fire season, fire behavior education, public interaction training and how to report fires.
Irvine Ranch Conservancy and Fire Watch encourages Orange County residents to be wildfire ready this year with wildfire preparedness tips from OCFA. Simple acts such as remaining vigilant during Red Flag Warnings, eliminating wildfire hazards near homes, vegetation management, knowing when to evacuate and having a plan can help keep local communities and wildlands safe, as well as help first responders to successfully execute their job duties.
To learn more about how to prepare for a wildfire event, visit and watch a video about wildfire preparedness on YouTube with more helpful tips. Orange County residents are also encouraged to sign up for emergency notifications on
For more information about Irvine Ranch Conservancy and the Fire Watch program, visit