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IRC Staff Spotlight: Scott King, Facility & Fleet Coordinator

PictureScott King, Facility & Fleet Coordinator

Each day, Irvine Ranch Conservancy staff and volunteers work to build the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks into an internationally acclaimed treasure of conservation management and recreational enjoyment. With a wide range of restoration projects and guided activities regularly taking place throughout the Landmarks, there is a certain amount of maintenance that needs to be done to ensure safe, high-quality experiences on the land.
Scott King, Irvine Ranch Conservancy’s Facility & Fleet Coordinator, is responsible for facility maintenance, coordinating and performing maintenance on IRC’s vehicle fleet, and working on various improvement projects at facilities and on the land. Scott’s work is critical to the organization and supports every one of IRC’s program areas.

​“I enjoy the variety of work I get to be involved with at Irvine Ranch Conservancy,” said Scott. “Where else can you start your day welding a repair panel onto a vehicle, drive through unspoiled land to install a sign with deer ten feet away, then meet with a technology team to implement new software?”
Scott just celebrated his one-year anniversary with the Conservancy, but this isn’t his first time working on the Landmarks. Early in his career, Scott worked with a contractor where he was tasked with fabricating and installing specialty gates throughout the Landmarks. Now employed as a full-time IRC staff member, Scott has the opportunity once more to work extensively throughout and explore the beauty of the Landmarks.
“At the northernmost point of the land there is a multi-tiered rock formation with a sheer drop at its edge overlooking a large valley,” said Scott. “With no buildings in sight and the lack of traffic noises in the background, I was able to sit in silence and eat lunch on a perfect sunny day. It’s one of my fondest memories working here. At IRC, we pride ourselves in being the best at what we do by working hard to accomplish our goals and looking after the open spaces I fell in love with.”
When Scott is not working on improving the facilities of the Landmarks, he enjoys travel, binge-watching new shows with his family, golf and cooking. Most recently, he has been working on perfecting pasta carbonara from scratch!
Thanks to staff members like Scott, Irvine Ranch Conservancy can continue to restore and protect the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, while educating the public about why the land is so important. To learn more about the Landmarks, visit