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First Aid Must-Haves When Exploring the Landmarks

PicturePrepared hikers

Irvine Ranch Conservancy Encourages Visitors to Always Be Prepared During Outdoor Adventures
The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks are the perfect place for an outdoor adventure! Even though this beautiful, natural habitat is right in your backyard, it’s important to be prepared for time spent outdoors. With the proper first aid tools and knowledge, you’ll be prepared for a safe trip through the Landmarks, no matter which activity you partake in. Whether you plan to take a self-guided tour along a sunny trail or ride your bike through the peaceful Orange County canyons, Irvine Ranch Conservancy encourages visitors to have a safe and enjoyable time exploring the Landmarks.
One of the most basic wilderness first aid skills is to be prepared. An important step to help protect yourself and your group when out on the Natural Landmarks is to pack an outdoor first aid kit. An adequate first aid kit can help you effectively tend to unexpected injuries, illnesses, or emergencies that might occur while in the wilderness. Whether you buy a premade kit or make one yourself, first aid kits should be packed according to the type and length of the activity or expedition.

​Some common items in a first aid kit include an assortment of bandages, gauze, athletic tape, blister treatments, medications, antiseptic wipes and a variety of ointments that can help treat bee stings, poison oak and burns. Basic tools such as tweezers, blunt tip scissors, safety pins and a multi-tool pocket knife can also come in handy in an emergency. First aid kits should also include a quick and easy reference guide or comprehensive booklet with detailed instructions on how to apply first aid. For more recommended items for your first aid kit, view a First-Aid Checklist, provided by REI.
Always be sure your first aid kit is organized, labeled and restocked, so you can have a quick and easy response time. With a variety of situations that could arise, it’s better to be over-prepared than not at all.  Knowing how to use your first aid kit is just as important as having one. In addition to a properly packed first aid kit, visitors touring the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks should do their research and understand wilderness safety and how to perform basic first aid. Even the smallest issue (blisters, scrapes, etc.) can hinder your outdoor adventure.
Irvine Ranch Conservancy offers a variety of activities, many of which are led by docents trained to perform first aid and report any emergencies or incidents that may occur. Visitors can also enjoy self-guided tours with the many trails available on the Landmarks – just remember your first aid kit! If any serious injuries should occur, have your cell phone handy so you can call for help.
For a full list of activities and to learn more about the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks, visit All activities are free with required pre-registration, which closes at 4 p.m. the day prior to each event. Some programs are suitable for children 12 and over, and children must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.