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Join The "Wildflower Takeover" By Irvine Ranch Conservancy To Discover Stunning Images, Fun Facts And The Ecological Importance Of Native Wildflower Species. 🌸🌼#NationalWildflowerWeek #WildflowerTakeover
Special Events

Join the "Wildflower Takeover" by Irvine Ranch Conservancy to discover stunning images, fun facts and the ecological importance of native wildflower species. 🌸🌼#NationalWildflowerWeek #WildflowerTakeover

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This Wildfire Awareness Month, Join IRC And Orange County Fire Watch In Irvine On May 4th For The 2024 Fire Watch Symposium. Plus, Don't Miss The "Wildfire Awareness Series,” Exploring The Relationship Between Fires And The Environment Including Various Activities Throughout The Month. 🔥🌿 #WildfireAwarenessMonth #WildfirePrevention
Wildfire Prevention

This Wildfire Awareness Month, join IRC and Orange County Fire Watch in Irvine on May 4th for the 2024 Fire Watch Symposium. Plus, don't miss the "Wildfire Awareness Series,” exploring the relationship between fires and the environment including various activities throughout the month. 🔥🌿 #WildfireAwarenessMonth #WildfirePrevention

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California Has Officially Ended Its Historic Drought With Back-to-back Years Of Heavy Rainfall, Positively Impacting The Landscape Of The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks But Posing Challenges For Invasive Species Control. 🌧️ #InvasiveSpecies #UncommonWeather
Invasive Species Control

California has officially ended its historic drought with back-to-back years of heavy rainfall, positively impacting the landscape of the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks but posing challenges for invasive species control. 🌧️ #InvasiveSpecies #UncommonWeather

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Discover Orange County's Diverse Native Plants, Including The Extraordinary Fringepod, A Valuable Member Of The Mustard Plant Family That Plays A Significant Role In Various Habitats Throughout California. 🌿🌼 #PlantProfile #Fringepod
Plant Species

Discover Orange County's diverse native plants, including the extraordinary fringepod, a valuable member of the mustard plant family that plays a significant role in various habitats throughout California. 🌿🌼 #PlantProfile #Fringepod

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Nathan Gregory, The New Senior VP & Chief Programs Officer, Has Played A Crucial Role In Irvine Ranch Conservancy's Success Since 2016, Progressing Through Various Leadership Roles. Thank You, Nathan, For Your Invaluable Contributions! 📈🌳 #staffspotlight #leadership #stewardship #IRC
Staff Spotlights

Nathan Gregory, the new Senior VP & Chief Programs Officer, has played a crucial role in Irvine Ranch Conservancy's success since 2016, progressing through various leadership roles. Thank you, Nathan, for your invaluable contributions! 📈🌳 #staffspotlight #leadership #stewardship #IRC

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Join Irvine Ranch Conservancy As A Volunteer And Experience The Beauty Of The Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmarks While Making A Difference In Your Community! ✨🌱 #VolunteerOpportunities #NatureConservation

Join Irvine Ranch Conservancy as a volunteer and experience the beauty of the Irvine Ranch National Natural Landmarks while making a difference in your community! ✨🌱 #VolunteerOpportunities #NatureConservation

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Plant Species

Every spring, California blooms with colorful native flowers, including the California poppy. Discover why this iconic symbol of the Golden State was voted as the official state flower and join us in celebrating #CaliforniaPoppyDay on April 6th. 🌼 #CaliforniaPoppies #StateFlower #NativePlants

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Prickly Pear Cactus Commonly Found Within The Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks.
Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

Discover the exciting success of Irvine Ranch Conservancy's cactus nursery, boosting cactus growth for habitat restoration and supporting the coastal cactus wren population. 🌵 #HabitatRestoration

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Two-striped Garter Snake 3 Black Star
Trail Tips

Explore spring on Irvine Ranch Landmarks, stay safe on trails with snake tips from Irvine Ranch Conservancy. Discover, learn, and enjoy nature's wonders! 🌿🐍 #SafetyTips #NatureExploration

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Let's Go Outside Website New Search
Blog Archive

Explore Orange County's outdoor activities with the new "Search & Filter Activities" feature on, offering a wide range of filters and views to enhance your adventure planning! 🔍🌳 #OutdoorActivities #AdventureAwaits

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